I am a graphic designer based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. But that's just my title. Allow me to take this opportunity to tell you about who I am and what my design practice is all about.

Who Is This Guy? – 2019

Lucas Bell

Typography Illustration for Lucas Bells Graphic Design Blog Post

Image: Lucas and Andy, the cat, hanging out at the office.

I love food, music, adventuring outdoors, and I'm learning how to surf, one wipeout at a time.

I've been creating and studying art my entire life, and have always been a bit fussy about clouring inside the lines. I suppose that's why I get along well with graphic design.

I started working as a freelance graphic designer as a way to focus on what I really enjoy doing: being creative and helping others. So far, I've had the pleasure of working with all types of people from around the world, solving their creative needs with graphic design materials and the like.

My design business is not only about creating exceptional design products. It's also about building respectful, meaningful relationships with the people I work with.

After all, we can make beautiful things together, but it's important that we have a good time too.

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