Hi, Lucas here. I'm currently in a stage of business development and am unavailable to take on new client work. However, if you have a creative project you need help with, feel free to get in touch and I would be happy to refer you to a design colleague.


logo design for Lucas Bell graphic design in Victoria British Columbia
Photographs of Lucas Bell

Graphic design gave me glasses.

I’m a visual artist turned graphic designer and web developer. I work as a full-time freelance designer out of my (living room) office in Fernwood, creating brand identities and websites for local businesses. My work typically has me staring at computer screens so I joke that it’s the reason I now wear glasses. But really, I love what I do and I’m grateful that my design practice connects me with so many awesome business owners and creatives.

Since 2009-ish

I’ve been working as a freelance designer since my first Motorola flip phone. It started with a logo for my friend’s band, then a poster, then a logo for another friend and it kept snowballing from there. Design was my side-gig for years until I took the leap into full-time freelance in 2018.

A Team of 10+

I really enjoy connecting with local designers and creatives, sharing stories, techniques, and collaborating on the occasional project. I've created a small team of freelancers that I connect clients to when I don’t have the capacity to take on a job, or if they're a better fit for a client’s project.

3 Scholarships

I created the “Creative Future Scholarship” with the Indigenous Education Department of The Victoria School District in 2020. It’s since been awarded three times to First Nations and Metis students pursuing a post-secondary education in a creative field. I plan to keep growing this scholarship in the years to come.

Perks of Choosing Freelance

Single Point of Contact

I am a solo operation which means my clients get the efficiency of talking to the business owner, creative director, design team, and web developer at the same time. This streamlines the design process and simplifies communication.

A Team Player

I enter each project with a collaborative mindset, like I’m teaming up with my clients to help them achieve their goals. I listen carefully to what my clients need and always respect their time, energy, and feedback.

Quality Design

I want my clients to be stoked on their final designs and I want to be proud to show off the work that I am creating for them. So I ensure to always deliver high quality, performance tested, and accurately formatted design work.

Work Philosophies

Listen Carefully

I listen carefully to what my clients need and ask questions to learn about what inspired their project and their vision for its future. With this in mind, I work my "graphic design magic" by making thoughtful design choices to create products that look and function just like my clients imagined.

Learn Daily

One of my favourite quotes is “Learning in the arts requires the ability and willingness to surrender to the unanticipated possibilities of the work as it unfolds” (Elliot Eisner, Stanford University). I believe in keeping an open mind during my creative process, and being receptive to new ideas when working collaboratively with clients and colleagues.

Be Patient

Creating brands and websites involves a lot of little design choices that have a major impact on people's businesses and livelihoods. I believe it’s best to remain patient and give creative projects as much time as possible. This gives people time to sleep on their decisions and live with the designs before making final approval.

Design Tools

I use a mix of tools to jump between physical and digital worlds and make all the graphic design-y stuff happen.

Macbook Air M1


Dell UltraSharp

27" – 4K UHD

iPad Pro

2020 11" 128GB

iPhone 12


Apple Pencil


HB Pencil

Sometimes Sharp


Any Old Will Do

Adobe CC

Creative Suite

Office 365

All The Classics


User Interface Design


Website Building


Digital Illustration