I am a graphic designer based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. But that's just my title.

Allow me to take this opportunity to tell you about who I am and what my design practice is all about.

I love food, music, adventuring outdoors, and I'm learning how to surf, one wipeout at a time.

I've been creating and studying art my entire life, and have always been a bit fussy about clouring inside the lines. I suppose that's why I get along well with graphic design.

Photo Credit: westcoastcaptures.com

My design business is focused on creating exceptional design products and respectful, meaningful relationships with the people I work with.

I put extra care into offering the best customer service possible. This comes in the form of reliable, clear communication, with respect for the ideas and time invested by my clients.

After all, we can make beautiful things together, but it's important that we have a good time, as well.

If you think I might be a suitable designer for your next project, I'd love to get in touch and learn about what you're working on. All of my contact information is located in the footer, below.