I call myself a graphic designer. But really, there's a lot more to my work than just designing graphics.


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The Steps of a Typical Design Project
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People contact me with cool ideas—like a new business they're starting, or a dream project they're working on—but they need a little help figuring out how it looks, or how to make it feel a certain way.

I listen carefully to what my clients need, and ask questions to learn about what inspired their project and their vision for its future. With this in mind, I work my "graphic design magic" and create products that look and function just like my clients imagined.

If you’d like to hear what my clients have to say about working with me, you can follow the link below to their reviews.

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The Design Process

The design process is a collaboration between the designer and the client, working together to steer the project in the right direction, and refine the designs before they're launched out into the world.

Here's a quick look at the steps of a typical design project:


We start by having a phone call or Zoom meeting to introduce ourselves and talk about what you'd like to make. My goal in this meeting is to learn more about you, what you do, what you need, and how you want it to look.



I take all of the information from our meeting and create a detailed project proposal that outlines the scope of work, timeline, and quote. I send the proposal over to you to review. Once the final proposal is approved, we begin the creative process.



Referencing my meeting notes, I begin designing. I sketch my ideas, digitize the best ones, test and prototype them. Then I create a presentation of the final designs to show you in our next meeting.



I present the design work to you over a phone call or Zoom meeting. I love reviewing design work together because we can react to it in real time. If needed, we'll work together to refine the work until the final designs are approved.



Now that the designs are finalized, it's time to launch them out into the world. I format the designs for print, web, or however you need, and send them to you. Some people ask me to help with production, which I am happy to do as well.


Planet Earth Based Graphic Designer

Like many others in 2020, I shifted to working remotely.

Zoom calls are now my preferred way to meet, brainstorm, and review design work together. I use screen sharing with my clients to review designs in real-time, and keep things moving as fast as the old days – maybe even faster.

My Design Tools

I use a mix of tools to jump between physical and digital worlds and make all the graphic design-y stuff happen.

Macbook Pro Icon Design by Lucas Bell

Macbook Air M1

13" 512GB SSD 16GB RAM

Macbook Pro Icon Design by Lucas Bell

Macbook Pro

15" 500GB SSD 16GB RAM

icon desogn for desktop computer display

Dell UltraSharp Display

27" – 4K UHD

iPad Icon Design

iPad Pro

2020 11" 128GB

iPhone Icon Design

iPhone 12


Stylus Icon Design

Apple Pencil


Pencil Icon Design

HB Pencil

Sometimes Sharp

Paper Icon Design


Any Old Will Do

Adobe Illustrator Icon Design

Illustrator CC

Vector Graphics

Adobe Photoshop Icon Design

Photoshop CC

Photo Editing

Webflow Logo Design


Website Design

Procreate Icon Design


Digital Illustration


Every design project is a little different than the last, so I keep my pricing flexible to the needs of my clients.

If you're wondering how much a certain project might cost, I've put together a list of popular design projects and their prices.

View Pricing Chart


Starting a design project is easy.

Maybe theres a creative project you think I can help with? Feel free to send me a message with a little bit about yourself and what you'd like to make, and we'll get started.

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