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Website Price Range
Starting at $10,000 +GST
Timeline Estimate
4 to 6 Months
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A fast, well-made website leaves a great impression on people seeking your business’ products and services. They are one of my favourite things to design, and I would love to help create a website for you. Before we get started, it’s important that we align on a few things to make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

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We’d be a good fit to work together if...


You’re interested in outsourcing all of your web development and maintenance

I specialize in a website building platform called Webflow. Webflow provides an extensive library of tools that help us create really awesome, custom-designed websites. Because Webflow is such a rich design tool, a less experienced user could easily get lost or accidentally make structural and site-wide changes while editing in Webflow. Following the launch of a website, I offer fast and reliable maintenance whenever my clients need to update or add content to their site. I’ve included a quick introduction to Webflow below.

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You’re interested in a website built from scratch

I start with a blank canvas every time and tailor the website designs to align with the particular needs of each client. This ‘from scratch’ approach suits those who have an ambitious vision for their new website and are interested in a custom design that reflects the look and feel of their business’ branding. Another benefit of a custom built website is that it’s easy to maintain. Building everything from scratch allows me to understand the structure of every element on your website, which makes site maintenance and content updates an absolute breeze.

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You’re a small or medium sized business in British Columbia

Because my website services are structured as long-term partnerships, it’s really important for me to create healthy relationships with my clients. When I work with individuals and small teams, I find that it’s easier to build trust and create fruitful relationships because we’re working on a more personal level. I also prefer to work with businesses that are in the same neck of the woods (British Columbia) because it simplifies scheduling and communication, making each step of the design process a lot smoother.

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You have your branding and website content all ready to go

The best way to start a website project is to have the final visual and written content for your site and your business’ brand style guide ready to go. Need a hand with content creation or branding? I can help! For content creation, let’s team up with my talented colleagues to write website copy or create graphics, illustrations, animations, photography, and videos. For branding, we can work together to build a Brand Style Guide that outlines the look and feel of your brand, and provides us with all of the information we need to start building your website.

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Here is a list of features that I integrate into every website I build.

Responsive Design

As I build your website, I test everything to make sure it will appear and function seamlessly on different devices, screen sizes and in different browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Fast Load Times

I increase page load speed by optimizing photos, graphics, and links on your website. Then I test your site's performance and make improvements using diagnostic tools like Google Lighthouse.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I structure page content and optimize your website data to help it rank high in Google searches. Check out the SEO strategies that I’ve outlined below which I include in every website I develop.

User Experience (UX)

I follow universal UX best practices to make your website as accessible as possible, enabling people of all skill levels to easily browse your site and find the information they’re searching for.

Creative Design

As a designer and a web developer, I’m able to combine my creative mind with my technical skills to make ambitious web designs come to life.

Is there a specific feature that you need on your website that's not listed here? Let me know what it is, and I can look into adding it to your website for you.
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Features we can sprinkle on...

Content Interactions

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Not everything needs to wiggle like jello, but if you’d like some interesting action on your website, I can add custom animations and interactions that bring your content to life.

Lottie Animations

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Do you have big dreams for your website animations? We can design lightweight, vector-based Lottie animations that add more complex animation to your website without slowing it down.

Email Collection

I can create a simple form on your website that prompts visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and sends their submitted email addresses directly to your Mailchimp or Constant Contact databases.

Website Design Process


It’s important for your business’ website to align with the look and feel of the rest of your products. A document like a Brand Style Guide provides me with the instructions I need to format and style your website in a way that aligns with your brand. If you need help creating a document like this, I recommend we start by creating a Brand Style Guide before we begin on your website.


We meet to discuss the vision for your new website, including any special features and functionality you’d like it to have. We’ll talk about the content you’d like to include on the site, and make a plan to gather (or create) all of that content before we move forward. Following our meeting, I will draft a project proposal that includes project scope, price, timeline, and payment schedule.


Once we align on the project proposal, the creative process begins. We'll work together to create a site map that explains the page structure of your website. Then I'll create wireframe designs that define the layout of each page and suggest ideas for the user interface design. Once the wireframe designs are approved, I will design three key pages of your website. Each page will be designed in desktop, tablet, and mobile screen formats to ensure the proposed designs appear seamless on different screen sizes.


We meet to review the first round of designs, and make notes about any revisions that are needed. After our meeting, I will revise the designs and schedule another meeting with you to review the changes. This revision process may repeat once or twice more before we land on the finished designs. For more information about revisions and how they are billed for web projects, click here.


After you approve of the design of the first first pages, I will design the remaining pages of your website. We meet again to review the new page designs, and make any final revisions before I begin programming them on your website.


When the final page designs are approved, we set up your account with Webflow and I begin programming the designs onto your website. At this stage, everything is programmed onto an unpublished website that is only accessed with a private link.

Demo Day!

Once all the designs have been programmed, we’ll meet and take a tour around your new site. Afterwards, I’ll share the private link for you to browse the website on your own time. We’ll note any revisions that need to be made, and finalize the designs together before launch.


We connect your custom domain to your new website, make any finishing touches, and publish it live to the web.


I stay on-call as your web developer to make updates and maintain the website as needed in the future.

A Quick Introduction to Webflow

Webflow is a “low-code” website building platform that gives designers the tools they need to build websites from scratch without having to be fluent in programming languages. Webflow is different from other website builders because it gives designers control over the finest details of every component on their websites. It also allows designers to design beyond the restrictions of templates and plug-ins and create ambitious and creative web designs. Below are a few more perks of working in Webflow.

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Limitless Design
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If we can dream it, we can build it. Webflow gives us unlimited potential for custom page design that we can control down to the pixel.

Responsive Testing
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Webflow allows us to preview how a website appears on over 76+ different desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Easy Maintenance
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Design changes and troubleshooting are easy and fast. Since we've built every component ourselves, we know exactly how to care for it.

Motion Graphics
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Webflow gives us access to advanced web design tools to create unique page interactions and animations that bring your content to life.

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We can customize your websites' favicon, webclip, and open graph image. These little touches help maintain brand consistency across the web.

Automatic Backups
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Webflow saves old versions of your published website. At any moment, we can look back to see how something looked or even restore a previous version of the site.

Fast Sites
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Webflow is part of the fastest content delivery network (CDN) on the planet, which boosts website load speed all around the world.

Secure Connection
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Webflow provides a secure socket layer (SSL) for its users, which encrypts user data and that ensures all data passed between the web server and browser remains private.

Always Evolving
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The Webflow team is always releasing new tools and features for their users, keeping pace with the evolving needs and trends of modern web design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we design your website, we have to be thoughtful about how the content we are adding to the site affects its ranking in search engines like Google. Here's a checklist of SEO strategies and best practices that are included in every website I build.

Accurate image formatting, naming, and alt text
Writing page title tags and meta descriptions
Structured page headings that include keywords
Adding structured data to each page
Verifying your website with Google Search Console
Sitemap indexing with Google Search Console
Testing website performance with Google Lighthouse

Updates Any Time You Need

I’ve heard stories from clients who have waited weeks for their old website developer to make the smallest change to their website. I want to break the cliche of the swamped web developer, and deliver fast and reliable service whenever my clients need me.

What's Included

Call me any time to talk about updates

24-hour delivery for updating existing content like text and images

One to three day delivery for adding new content to existing pages

Personalized estimates for adding new pages

Ongoing Maintenance

Tracked to the minute and billed hourly at $90/Hour +GST*

*This rate and list of services is subject to change in the future.

Price Estimates

Website Design and Development

Starting at $10,000 +GST

Updates & Maintenance

$90/Hour +GST

Domain Licensing

Roughly $25/Year (depending on domain name)


Webflow “Basic” hosting plan: $230 CAD/Year +Tax

Notes on Revisions

The first goal for every design project is for the designer and the client to be on the same page about design quality and deliverables. This is done by having meetings where we look at visual inspiration and talk about the vision for the final product. In situations where the design vision needs to be discovered, I suggest that we tackle a small chunk of the project and review the designs to ensure we are aligned on the creative direction. This effort creates forward momentum through the different stages of the creative process and leads to minimal revisions to the design work later on. If revisions are needed at any stage of the process, they are tracked to the minute and billed hourly at my current hourly rate. My current hourly rate is $90/hour +GST. This rate is subject to change in the future.

Reviews From Website Clients

“I have worked with Lucas for over four months on a sophisticated and highly professional project in education. It involved re-branding my business, re-building my website accordingly… Lucas' services are all outstanding. He is smart, fast, and always accessible. He doesn't just do what I ask - he makes himself an expert in the field he is working on - asking questions, researching and positioning his work accordingly."

Dr. Janet N. Mort

Founder of Joyful Literacy

“I am beyond happy with the website that Lucas designed and built for me. He was very receptive to all of my ideas and really helped take them to the next level. I was having a hard time finding a designer who would take my ideas, but also inject their own creative spin. I’m so glad I found Lucas because he was the perfect collaborator and made the process so easy."

Rachelle Purych


“Lucas, so far, is my favourite designer I have ever worked with. He takes the guesswork, stress, and worry right out of making a project. He’s a great listener, wonderful designer, and really works with you to make your vision come to life. Would 100% work with him again, and in fact, I plan to.”

Greg Baan-Meiklejohn

Singer, Songwriter, Teacher