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logo design for Lucas Bell graphic design in Victoria British Columbia
A photo of West Coast CaniX branding on a dog harness

West Coast CaniX

Brand Identity Design

West Coast CaniX (canicross) is passionate about encouraging and supporting people and their dogs to get fitter together in a fun, safe and social way. As CaniX is a relatively new sport to the West Coast, they aim to also provide access to equipment, coaching, community and racing.

I worked with their founder Christine to develop a Brand Style Guide that reflected West Coast CaniX's approachable, dog-loving energy. Their style guide included logos, logo variations, colours, fonts, and product designs, setting them up with all of the essentials they needed for their official launch.

Featured in this image is the West Coast Canix symbol logo stitched onto a canicross harness. Their branding also carries over onto the straps, which feature a West Coast inspired sunset illustration.

Gist Apps

Website Design

Gist develops apps for Shopify ecommerce stores that provide solutions to B2B commerce, gifting, and shipping.

In 2021, I worked with Gist's founders Tim and Zac to design graphics for their app listing pages on the Shopify App Store. We linked up a second time to develop visual content for Gist's new website gist-apps.com. The deliverables included ecommerce interface designs and a set of custom designed icons.

I teamed up with Victoria-based animator Rachelle Purych to bring my interface and icon designs to life. Shown here is the animation we created for the hero section of Gist's home page. As the screen rotates, it reveals the two sides of an ecommerce store, a customer-facing product page and the admin dashboard that tracks data and sales.
Photo of Webflow website design for Denise Marchesault


Website Design

I worked with Victoria-based chef, author, and food writer Denise Marchessault to redesign her website denisem.ca.

The goals for Denise's new website included a simple, photography-focused design and a user-friendly browsing experience. Denise's mouth-watering food photography easily covered our design goals. And to ensure the website was user-friendly, I programmed it to display seamlessly across different screen sizes and added visual emphasis to key interaction points like page navigation and content interactions.

Shown here is the mobile version of a recipe menu, which features linked images so users can tap the photo of a recipe and be taken to the corresponding page.
An image of brand and website design created for Joyful Literacy

Joyful Literacy

Branding & Website Design

2020 – 2022
Joyful Literacy is an organization dedicated to the development of literacy skills in elementary school students. They work with teachers, educators, and parents to introduce teaching strategies that empower students and develop literacy skills through play.

I worked with their founder Dr. Janet Mort to design a new brand identity for Joyful Literacy that was playful, accessible, and (of course) full of joy. The second stage of the project was to redesign their website joyfulliteracyonline.com. The unique challenge with their website design was that the majority of their users are not very tech-savvy and they could easily get lost amongst the content-rich pages. With these users in mind, we made strategic design choices to ensure the website organized, legible, and easy to navigate.

My work with Joyful Literacy has grown into a beautiful design partnership and has lead to the design and development of their products including books, apps, video series, and more.
Image of website user interface designs


Website Design

Rachelle Purych is an animator based out of Victoria, BC. She works with startups, businesses, and agencies to create animated videos that deliver crafted messages. Rachelle and I collaborated to rebrand and redesign an updated portfolio website for her freelance animation practice: rachellepurych.com

Our goal was to create a responsive, user-friendly website that showcased Rachelle's work, story, and services. Another goal of the project was to express the energy of Rachelle's fun and whimsical style. These qualities were captured in the original characters, illustrations and Lottie animations that Rachelle created for the website. Her energy also inspired the bold colour choices, expressive fonts, and playful interactions used in the interface designs.
Photo of Lucas Bell graphic designer walking on to the ferry